Labyrinth Walks promote calm, mental clarity, and creativity

I met Nathen Aswell at an event, in 2015, organized by the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. He is a speaker, recording artist, and musician from White Rock, BC, Canada.

We quickly made a connection and Nathen wanted to interview me on his

radio show.

A few months later, he discovered Blab, a recording and broadcasting tool, using the computer, which enables the transmission of pictures and conversations.

Using Blab, Nathen interviewed me again on March 16, 2016. Being open and curious, he wanted me to share stories about my work on mindfulness and walking meditation in the labyrinth with individuals, groups, and organizations.
During our 60-minute conversation, we discussed many topics including:

  • How I became the Labyrinth Lady
  • What is a labyrinth and how it is used
  • How does a labyrinth bring peace, healing, and wholeness
  • What is the Surrey World Labyrinth Day: Walk as ONE for Peace
  • Questions about my new book Walking the Labyrinth: Your Path to Peace and Possibilities
  • How to use a wooden finger labyrinth
  • What benefits wooden finger labyrinths offer

In particular, I emphasized how I came to write my book Walking the Labyrinth: Your Path to Peace and Possibilities. With the increased numbers and popularity of labyrinths, I wrote the book to answer questions such as, Why are we drawn to labyrinths? What inspires us to walk them? And ultimately, what drives individuals to build them?

Committed to developing creative and innovative leaders, I produced the wooden finger labyrinths and canvas floor labyrinths to allow people to continue their practice of mindfulness and walking meditation of the labyrinth—at home, in their office, or with others in a group.

In summary, walking labyrinths are good for you. It promotes calm, clarity, and creativity.

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