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I found the walking meditation in the labyrinth very beneficial, as I am naturally a sedentary person.​ What I like about the labyrinth is that walking meditation – movement combined with meditation at the same time – offered a different experience.

I took Diana’s workshop during a time in my life when I felt stuck and had loss of direction.​ ​ By the end of the workshop I knew exactly which direction I needed to move in.​ ​ Not only have I felt the benefit​,​ but my family have also noticed the positive changes in my behavior.
From the labyrinth experience in Diana Ng’s workshop, I learned I need to trust myself and instinct more, and go with the flow.

In the safe space Diana created, I discovered from the discussions with the other participants where I needed to make changes in order to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Living a balanced life requires constant effort and adjustment.

​U​​sing Diana’s wooden finger labyrinths also keeps me calm, relaxed, and grounded.

~ Humaira Swinney, workshop participant, ​Chilliwack, BC, Canada,

Recently I attended a Labyrinth Workshop with Diana Ng.  We were introduced to three different labyrinth experiences; and as we moved through each I gained a deeper understanding of the process and how it encouraged self-awareness - going within.  

We were encouraged to write down and share the thoughts we gained through the experience.  As a Reiki Master and Meditation Facilitator, I found the Labyrinth experience to be a metaphor for life, a wonderful extension of the meditative process, and a natural tool to assist those who struggle with their meditation practice.

As a Coach/Consultant/Facilitator, I certainly see the myriad of benefits the Labyrinth experience offers both the corporate and personal worlds - including the ability to be more open, enhancing self and others understanding leading to collaboration, and the ability to shift perceptions and grow in personal and professional leadership.  Thank you Diana.

~ Lois Boughton, Coach/Consultant/Facilitator,

Diana Ng brought her canvas labyrinth to our women’s group and instructed us on how to walk it. She immediately put the group at ease, as her workshop was safe and gentle; the perfect blend of theory and activity. Her presentation was passionate and inspiring. The labyrinth walk brought me a sense of peace and harmony, as it helped me to focus on being in the moment and centering myself. It was like gathering pieces of my fragmented self (from daily business and life challenges) into a unified whole. I am learning to embrace life's challenges by accepting situations I cannot change, and riding through the intensity of the moment. When centering myself with the labyrinth techniques of meditation and self reflection, I bring a sense of serenity and peace to my world.

Diana’s wooden finger labyrinth provides me the opportunity to build on the benefits, and further enhance and elevate my efforts to maintain positive relationships in my family, in friendships, and in community.

Thank you Diana for your dedicated efforts share the persuasive benefits of living life with a labyrinth through your inspirational sessions. You truly are the "Labyrinth Lady"!

~ Christine Godler, Workshop Participant, Delta, BC, Canada, 2014​

Diana has presented two workshops at my shop, Amethyst Books & Essence, in Chilliwack.

Both workshops were simple, light, fun, informative and interactive! We talked of the benefits of using a labyrinth and heard stories of transformation. We tried the finger (laptop) labyrinths and also a walking labyrinth. Participants were able to share their feelings and experiences around using the Labyrinth as a meditative, contemplative too and many insights surfaced.

A lovely time was had by all!

~ Janet Newport, Owner of Amethyst Books & Essence, Chilliwack, BC


Thank you for visiting our school and providing an interesting workshop on the history and use of labyrinths. With a labyrinth on our school grounds, we look forward to putting into action some of the activities we learned from you. We plan on using some of your activities in helping students improve their self-regulation skills. Thank you!

~ Al Post, Principal of Forest Grove Elementary School in Burnaby, BC

Through the Labyrinth network, I was searching for a Labyrinth and Diana Ng pleasantly introduced herself along with her website.  She is very professional and courteous in her conduct.  I have referred people to her site for the purchase of their own Labyrinth.  I would strongly recommend Diana Ng for a courteous and pleasant experience.

~ Kathrine Vatcher, Client
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I appreciated "the kind peaceful welcoming manner of the instructor." What increased in value for me today is "to take more time for quiet moments for reflection and self-assessment."

~ Bonnie Rexworthy, Workshop Participant, North Vancouver Teachers' Pro-D Day

After finding myself in a bit of bind and needing a labyrinth in a hurry, Diana was more than courteous in getting one to me in a timely manner. A beautiful blue labyrinth on heavy green vinyl arrived safe and sound, even earlier than originally planned and I was able to use it that evening in a walk as part of an Ash Wednesday service on "Journeying".  Thanks you!

~ Rev. Candy Harvey, Burlington, Ontario​