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Diana Ng is widely known in her community as the Labyrinth Lady. She gained her popularity after successfully leading, against considerable odds, her project to build Metro Vancouver’s first outdoor public labyrinth, in association with the City of Surrey in B.C., Canada, in 2008.

When she discovered not enough people knew about her majestic 42-foot diameter labyrinth, in Fleetwood Park, she decided to replicate it by painting the labyrinth on canvas. She took her “labyrinth in a bag”, travelled, and spoke to anyone who would listen about finding peace within.

In 2014, she continued to build Metro Vancouver’s first school labyrinth at Forest Grove Elementary School in Burnaby, B.C., Canada.

In 2019, Diana built a 55-feet diameter labyrinth for St. Dunstans’ Church in Langley, B.C., Canada.

Diana has committed her business to transform individuals, groups, and organizations by directing them to a new form of success—transformed by the gentle powers of mindfulness and walking meditation in the labyrinth.

She is a published author, who will speak to her audiences including every person, community, and company that wants success—with ways to:

She is a pioneer in her field, who has introduced the labyrinth, as a tool, for mindfulness and walking meditation, to achieve creativity, productivity, and stress reduction, to mainstream organizations.

An award nominated speaker, she offers workshops, presentations, and retreats in the areas of team building, leadership, and organizational and community development.

Her decision to make a bigger difference and a bigger positive change, led her to actively collaborate with the Surrey City Mayor and Council to proclaim the first ‘Surrey World Labyrinth Day: Peace Walk as ONE’. This event takes place on the first Saturday of each May at the labyrinth in Fleetwood Park, Surrey, B.C., Canada.

Since influencing hundreds of people to walk labyrinths for mental clarity, calm, and creativity, many of them have fallen in love with walking meditation and mindfulness in the labyrinth as a tool for successful living.

Diana’s work with labyrinths has been widely publicized in a variety of media including:

Diana has received the following award nominations:
What would you like more of for yourself or your workplace? Would you like more peace, innovative thinking, and possibilities? Or are you seeking calm and mental clarity in your busy life? Diana has a solution. Send her an email today.
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