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Diana Ng, aka The Labyrinth Lady, is a speaker, facilitator, and educational consultant whose passion is to offer leadership insights to non-profit groups, corporations, and government agencies.

She is highly trained and experienced in her decades of work with health care, non-profit, government organizations, and small businesses.

In addition to authoring her book, Walking the Labyrinth: Your Path to Peace and Possibilities and building four large permanent ground labyrinths in Metro Vancouver, Diana earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University and is a Registered Nurse with numerous certifications.

Her love for mindfulness and storytelling is evidenced in her uniquely customized and innovative speaking, workshops and presentations.

Diana’s broad and diverse experience base and her commitment to life-long growth and to helping others develop through sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge are the major contribution to her consulting effectiveness.

Topics Diana Ng enjoys delivering:
Some of the clients/organizations she has helped:

A Testimonial:

“What I most appreciated about today is that we all were sitting together and thought about things we might never have considered before. It was kind of going inside yourself. Most people never really do that. Thanks a lot. It was a really interesting workshop.”

Carmen F., Workshop Participant, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, BC

Do you think your organization could use a professional to dis-solve problems and explore transformations? Could your company use more calm and mental space to respond creatively to work challenges?

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