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Committed to reducing stress, and developing happy and capable people, Diana Ng produced portable and lightweight wooden finger labyrinths (also called laptop labyrinths) and canvas labyrinths. This would allow people to continue their practice of mindfulness and walking meditation of the labyrinth—at home, in their office, or with others in a group.

Modeled after the first public labyrinth, in Metro Vancouver, Diana built with the City of Surrey; these Classical seven-circuit labyrinths are available in various sizes and materials.

Feeling stressed, needing peace and relaxation, try one to unwind and recharge.



Using Diana’s wooden finger labyrinths also keeps me calm, relaxed, and grounded.

~Humaira Swinney, workshop participant, ​Chilliwack, BC, Canada, ​2015

Using Diana’s wooden finger labyrinth at home has elevated my efforts to maintain positive relationships in my family, in friendships, and in community. Thank you, Diana.

~Christine Godler, Workshop Participant, , 2014​

Through the Labyrinth network, I was searching for a Labyrinth and Diana Ng pleasantly introduced herself along with her website. She is very professional and courteous in her conduct. I have referred people to her site for the purchase of their own Labyrinth. I would strongly recommend Diana Ng for a courteous and pleasant experience.

~Kathrine Vatcher, Client

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
After finding myself in a bit of bind and needing a labyrinth in a hurry, Diana was more than courteous in getting one to me in a timely manner. A beautiful blue labyrinth on heavy green vinyl arrived safe and sound, even earlier than originally planned and I was able to use it that evening in a walk as part of an Ash service on “Journeying”. Thanks you!

~ Rev. Candy Harvey, Burlington, Ontario​

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