Book – Walking the Labyrinth Your Path to Peace and Possibilities

Diana Ng, like most people, wants peace and possibilities in today’s frantic world. As a mature student, on her journey towards healing from trauma and making a career change, she discovered the labyrinth as a pathway to mindfulness and walking meditation.

Diana transforms words into music with her own narrative of how she came to be involved with labyrinths and how she built the first outdoor public labyrinth in the Vancouver metropolitan area, British Columbia, Canada.

In an inspiring, powerful, and thought-provoking way, the writer shares other people’s personal stories of the amazing effects they experienced walking a labyrinth.

Come, meander through the labyrinth with Diana to experience its profound calming and therapeutic benefits.

Readers will walk away with a better understanding of the:

a) History and meaning of labyrinths

b) Process involved in building public and school labyrinths

c) Methods of using different types of labyrinths

d) Scientific evidence supporting mindfulness and walking meditation

e) Transformational stories from those who have walked labyrinths

For the uninitiated, reading Diana’s book creates an urge to explore the world of labyrinths. For the initiated, it reaffirms the labyrinth’s healing and peaceful qualities.


Acknowledgements xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Stepping into the Labyrinth 1

My Story
My Introduction to the Labyrinth
How to Build a Public Labyrinth
How to Build a School Labyrinth
How to Draw a Labyrinth

Chapter 2 Labyrinths through Time 24

The Greek Monster Myth
Christian Pilgrims
The Asian War Legend
A Scandinavian Blessing
Modern Significance

Chapter 3 The Harmony of Walking Meditation 33

Chapter 4 Life Purpose: A New Path for Modern Pilgrims 40

Guidelines to Walking a Floor or Ground Labyrinth
How to Use a Finger or Lap Labyrinth
How to Use a Labyrinth Drawn on Paper

Chapter 5 Mindfulness: Your Path to Peace and Possibilities 52

Be Present
Tame the Chattering Mind
Crystallize Alertness
Discover Insights
Mirror the Soul
Find Deep Peace

Chapter 6 Transformational Stories of Growth and Change 66

Heal Grief
Transcend Despair
Abate Anxiety
Awaken the Spirit
Make Major Life Transitions
Become Whole
Create a New Story

Chapter 7 Science Befriends Ancient Practice 82

Chapter 8 Walking the Labyrinth: Meditation for World Peace 89

Directory of Labyrinths in Metro Vancouver 96

Resources 100


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