Westcoast Flowers: An Adult Coloring Book to Inspire Your Soul


Do you need to: reduce anxiety, gain insight, and heighten creativity? Coloring the Westcoast flowers reminds us of the beauty of life—fragile, precious, and resilient—like slow circles of grace. Stealing ten minutes each day to color the stunning, unique drawings—of nature’s most generous gift—creates calm through meditative coloring.

  • 25 inspirational quotes from around the world encourage a perspective shift.
  • Each flower is labeled with its name in the lower right corner.
  • A front blank scribble page allows you to try different coloring techniques and textures using your favorite colors, crayons, paints, gel pens, or pastels.
  • Your exquisite creations, each printed on a separate sheet of paper, allow them to be removed for framing or gifting.
  • A back blank page for you to write your reflections during this mindfulness activity. With differing levels of difficulties, color to your heart’s delight and reap profound tranquility and therapeutic benefits in the process!

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